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School Fee Rules

  • Ours are the lowest.
  • The fees payable in the school
  •  The fee for the months both of May 8 June is payable in May itself. Similarly fee for the months of February March is payable in February
  • Fees are payable in the school office by 10th of every month Late fee of Rs. 10 payable upto 15th. Rs. 20/-upto 20th. instant after 20th, but upto 30th instant fine Rs. 100 after 30th name of the pupil is is struck off the rolls and conditional readmissions granted
  • If there is a holiday on the last date of payment, the fee is accepted on the next working day
  • All dues for the session are clearable before a pupil is permitted to appear in the final examination Fee Is charged as long as a pupilis on rolls.
  • A month’s notice or in lieu a month’s Fee is payable in advance for withdrawal of a pupil form the school Duplicate fee card or diary is obtainable from the school on additional payment
  • Dues are charged from the beginning of the session even if students gets admitted in the middle of it.
  • Details & clarifications can be had from the school office

Leave Rules

if a student absents himself herself from more than six days without prior sanction of his/her leave application, his/her name is lable to be struck off the school rules For long sick leaves a medical certificate needs to be produced Any chronic illness too is reported in wanting Out of station leave is not granted In case of an emergency parents guardians come personally with an application seeking leave for their wards