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About Us


Introduction Baba Thakur ji Guru Ram Dass Public School, Shahdin Wala, Ferozepur was founded by Baba Thakur Singh Ji, Head Damdami Taksal on 12th Oct 1995 under the religious canopy of Bhagat Milkha Singh Ji who is its life -force. It is an English medium co-educational partly residential institution affiliated to CBSE quality parental

The School is getting guidance and love from its time chairman Bhagat Milkha Singh Ji who is a renowned religious leader and an eminent philanthropic figure of Ferozepur town. The School is climbing fast on the Schooling Ladder to

(a) Shower on one and all the teachings of Guru Ram Dass Ji.

(b) Blend ultra modern methodology in the curriculums with a professional and competitive touch.

(c) Make-teaching learning full of exuberant activity as per mental age of learners

(d) Give individual attention to hyperactive and culturally-deprived children .and many more about which you the worthy

parents, know better than us. With the lofty blessing of Guru Ram Dass JI, academic osmosis is becoming apparent in our institutions as….

A culture-specific pedagogy is being applied in such a way that the learners are able to upgrade their mental software after getting activated to undertake self-directed self-motivated and co-operative learning both at school and home

The dedicated & stable staff is helping the learners establish symbiosis between their scholastic and co-sholastic, moral emotional and spiritual quotients Participative teaching-learning

processes have helped many an inquisitive learner become constructor of knowledge Special attention is being paid to the teamers specific with needs and for them varied teaching-learning inputs and evaluation methods are being experimented Our entire School-family is sure of reaching the new horizons in education since Bhagat Milkha Singh Ji always above us with his blissful sunshine

This C.B.S.E institution is instiling corporate education in its learners by introducing modern teaching-learning methods within the framework of Sikh tenets In its short span it has made itself the first row of the top schools in Punjab

This great onus that Bhagat Milkha Singh Ji has taken upon himself must be supported and applauded by every disciple of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, May Satguru Ji bless Bhagat Milkha Singh Ji With all his richness

House System

The students and staff are divided into five Houses named after rivers of Punjabi example Ravi, Beas. Chenab, Sutlej and Jhelum Every year Inter House co-curricular activities and sports are held regularly. More emphasis is laid on competitions in dramatic, poetry recitation, declamation, debates, quiz etc. Each House has its own colour

                                                                                                             Ravi          :          Silver Grey

                                                                                                             Beas          :          Navy Blue

                                                                                                             Chenab     :          Saffron

                                                                                                             Sutlej        :          Jungle Green

                                                                                                             Jhelum     :         Maroon

A well planned school calendar mentioning number of working days in each month holidays, dates of summer & winter breaks gives the entire information for the benefit of the students and parents as well Dates of all the unit tests, examination parent-teacher meeting. co-curricular activities are pre-decided and enlisted in the student’s dairy. In this way the parents decide their own important events accordingly, and carry home the joyous academic input of 3 Rs. A teacher possessing a degree in child psychology is the incharge of the activities With and around her students laughs, dance play & learn In brief the Activity Complex is a heaven of 21st Century teaching-learning processes. The students from Nursery to l are given maximum teaching learning through computer. Learning of alphabet. numbers, table, addition substraction, multiplication, division, learning of spellings etc is taught through computers only. Very soon, the students of Nursery, LKG & UKG will come to school without satchels and will not have any burden of doing Home Work. The entire teaching-learning for them will be on computers only.

Our school pays special care to the slow learners. Micro groups are made & the subject teachers teach them during the morning assembly time on sundays extra free classes are conducted in the school for three hours. Our worthy teachers solve their individual problems during these ciasses. The parents only have to make arrangement to leave at and take back their children from the school

Special coaching for X & higher classes is conducted throughout the year on Sundays & holidays. In hostel too classes for more than 2 hrs are conducted everyday immediately after the school hours. The parents sent their children for paid tuition here as well

The students bring their books and note books as per the time table. They do not bring all the books in a subject everyday. Fo eg. in English two books are prescribed. For the first three days Main-Course-Book, next three days Work book is brought. The same method is used in other subject also. The aim is to reduce the bag-load,

Similarly homework too is time-table. Everyday home work is given in maximum two/three subjects so that the students are not overloaded with work. For it too the days are fixed. Class tests are meant for revision by writing only. The students write each mistake 5/10 times. They rewrite the difficult answer or certain portions of the answers keeping time and writing speed in mind If an answer is to be completed in five minutes, the students are guided to make efforts to complete it in that time only. For class surprise tests to, the dates are prefixed. The tests are spread out in the entire month and are not crowded into one another


Sufficient & relevant knowledge in morality & divinity is imparted to the students Didactic references for all religions, glimpses from the lives of Saint people belonging to different castes & creeds are given to them. A teacher well-versed in the theologies motivates the youngsters to learn to respect all the religions and love all the creatures of God. We believe in letting the Sikhe Hindu Christian & Muslim children become better and complete in their respective faiths For us all are equal one.


It is magnificent block which envelops in it a galaxy of activities. On Saturday for two consecutive periods the entire school gets engaged in doing one or the other hobby The choice ranges from electrical computer hardware, engineering, chemical industry, paper mache, paper work, waste material usage, judo karate, taekwondo, aerobics: yoga, thermocol designing, knitting & embroidery, photography, renine work, gardening band, multimedia, dramaties, calligraphy, doll making to folk dances. The various main attraction of the visions and VIPs.

The complex is the busy spot for the lovers of the indoor games like table tennis, chess, carrom-board etc The young learners of vocal and instrumental music, the budding designers, artists of pen & brush throng here.

For the tiny tots it is the place where they love to be all the time Computers, Video games, multi-media with 3D graphics, tape recorders, overhead projectors, video sliders, magnetic letters & objects, wooden and plastic educational aids in hundreds create an academic Disneyland for the young learners. The toys remain displayed on big tables. A seif-contributory toy library where the little students share their with one another adds mirth to learning without tears. In the beginning of the session with us, the newly admitted children never cry. They learn and laugh For the worthy parents please……

You are requested to attend the parent teacher meetings regularly. In addition to it you can directly meet the teachers in their class on Saturdays in the last period. It would be highly appreciated if you do not choose to come on any time and day and ask the principal to call the child or the teachers to the office. In this way the regular studies get disturbed and also calling the teacher by making them leave the class is not feasible