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Modern world is fraught with extirpating materialism and dazzling multimedia. It has acquired the appearance of a vast inane desert where the humankind burns its feet in the wild sands of five evils. Bhagat Milkha Singh Ji with his pious efforts is helping the disciples of Guru Nanak Dev Ji find in the hot desert the oasis of His Great Satnam. Gurudwara Sahib at Guru Ram Dass Puri has become the nucleus of the conservation of the Sikh values and norms. Here each morning and evening one can witness young and old assembling under the conopy of Satnam Waheguru spread out by Bhagat Ji. In the precinct of Gurudwara Sahib is a big Birdh Ashram in wich the needy elderly people of the society find a cosy home equirped with all the amenities free of cost. Bhagat Milkha Singh Ji personally visits the Ashram and sees to the comforts of the inmates living there. Another rare service that Bhagat Ji has rendered for the cause of sikh society is the free marriages of the girls from the lower strata of public life. All the requisite items to run a home are provided by Bhagat Ji